Brand Identity & Packaging

From Chef to Entrepreneur

After 20 years in the restaurant industry, former “Top Chef” contestant Renee Kelly set out to bring her newest recipe into the world: an all natural, enhanced CBD intimacy product, Vahi. Renee was looking to transition from a B2C strategy and instead build her brand around a B2B2C strategy with an emphasis in the holistic and wellness industry.

  • Copywriting: Define brand voice, write origin story and bio, caption and post to Instagram during marketing campaign
  • Packaging Design: Create a more polished, clinical, and wellness forward packaging that fit Vahi’s current B2B focus
  • Brand Identity: Develop style guide, personas, design logo and business cards
  • Web Design: Wireframe website

Since Chef Renee was a passionate, involved client and Vahi was a growing start-up with multiple product lines, it was important to:

  • Incorporate Renee’s personality and preferred color palette into design deliverables and products
  • Transition Vahi’s B2C liberated, sensual, indulgent mood and voice into a B2B2C wellness and educational focus
  • Maintain a high standard of organization in Vahi’s portfolio of work
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe XD
  • Instagram
Vahi Packaging Mockup
Vahi Business Cards Front and Back